Everest Base Camp Adventure

Back from my trip to Nepal and Everest Base Camp, what an adventure, rewarded with amazing views and fascinating company!
Check out the photographs in my Travelogue….click here

Top of the World!! Standing on Kalar Patar with Everest behind me!

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2 Responses to Everest Base Camp Adventure

  1. Vita says:


    May I contact you in regards to a few questions regarding base camp. I was wondering if you were you able to perform salaat during the trip because I was planning to go (even put a deposit) but is considering withdrawing as I don’t see how I can perform my salaat whilst there.

    • muslimspirit says:

      Wlkms. This is a very exciting experience and I have some amazing memories. I prayed all my salaat up to & back from Everest base camp. We had masaah socks on & this made it very easy. When we got to top of base camp we also managed to do our farz wudhu and pray salaah.

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