Everest Base Camp…..One Year on…

One year on, I am now reminiscing on my Everest Base Camp trek going over my journal. I am staring into the photos, thinking about the people I met, the conversations we had, the teahouses and the places we walked.

It was a tough journey, both physically and mentally. You have to endure hardship, basic facilities and disturbed sleeping patterns.

Your body doesn’t have time to recover fully and you carry the aches and pains from the previous days. You have to plan and adapt a routine that addresses your basic needs throughout the journey.

I was always listening to my body for any symptoms of altitude sickness, keeping to a comfortable pace, listening carefully to all the advice from the guides. You have added security of the experience in the guides and they continuously watch for any signs of discomfort which may cause a concern.

Best of all, when you are walking amongst the Himalayan Mountains, you forget all the hardship; you’re captivated with the beauty of the place. You walk with like minded people, sharing inspirational and funny stories. Complete strangers become your friends and respect for each other’s life perspective grows.

For me personally, the greatest achievement was completing this challenge without compromise to my religious observance. We were in an enviable position to show others that despite the differences in our faiths we too enjoy the great outdoors, have the same aspirations and similar mindset, the only real difference is our focus on the ultimate goal of attaining Allah’s pleasure.

We had Halal food in Kathmandu and vegetarian choices on our trek, the guide made sure we had the biggest rooms in teahouses where we stayed for our prayers. The locals were very friendly and accommodating during the walk allowing us to pray in their kitchens and in the open.

Would I do it again? Yes, most definitely! I would recommend this to everyone, the emotions you feel and the accomplishment will inspire you and stay with you for the rest of your life.

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