Day 1 – 19th March 2010

We left Batley to pick Ebrahim up from Coventry. Very exciting atmosphere as Zubair had not met Ebrahim since he came back from his backpacking a few weeks ago. The last time they saw each other was our holiday together in July 2009.

Before our Journey begins....Gulp....

On the way down to Heathrow the conversations were full of energy; it was a mini adventure travelling to the airport.

When we got to there, the counter was already open so we checked in. We had seen a fellow passenger who went off by the time we got our boarding pass. He must have got scared by the way we looked, turned out to be James!

The terminal was full of passengers in outdoor clothing with backpacks and holdalls. I was trying to look around trying to identify passengers from our group which was impossible. I couldn’t believe how many were at the terminal. It must have been the outdoor season, wonder what they will make of us two!

We found the prayer room on terminal 4 and did our prayers. Once we said our goodbyes to the guys we went through security. On the plane Ebrahim was sat in the middle isle with James and Kris from our group.

I felt a little nervous looking over to the guys next to Ebrahim. I was feeling overwhelmed, unsure how I was going to measure up with their walking experience and whether I could keep up with the group.

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