Day 10 – 28th March 2010

After Fajr prayer, I decided to go out and take some sunrise photographs as the views were very impressive and dramatic.

We left Tengboche at 8.45am, it was a pleasant descent to warm up, only what we spend going down we have to make going up again!

I walked with Jess, listening to her talking about relationships with her dad and family which were emotional. We had a short break for the rest of the group to catch up. I then headed off on my own, meeting up with others in the group. Most of the path was level with slight ascent at times. Jamie, James and Scott were with the assistant guide at the front. It wasn’t long before we stopped again for a loo break!

I carried on walking, taking in the amazing and breathtaking sights, stopping as many times as I could to look around. It was magnificent, panoramic and again very dramatic. I had not seen anything like this in my life and I was truly on top of the world!

A Yak

I passed several porters carrying goods up and down the path, pack animals including the lovely yaks. I saw local guys and porters washing clothes in the stream, some were resting with their goods next to them.
I also saw our porters with our luggage resting on the side with their friends, listening to music on their mobile phones. We also bumped into people we met in Namche and Tyngboche.

As we passed through a busy area surrounded by teahouses, I was hoping we would stop here for lunch but we kept going. We bumped into Liz who stayed in the same teahouse at Namche, Jamie, Scott and James stopped to talk. I kept going as it was a steep climb and I wanted to keep my walking rhythm. We soon cleared the teahouses with barren land opening up in front of us. The wind was blowing a little fiercer; we still had the panoramic view of the beautiful mountains. We could see fewer porters, people and goods being transported.

In the distance we could see a teahouse standing on its own in the middle of the desolate land called Orsho Lodge, this is where we were going to stop and have lunch, a welcomed rest!

After we ordered the food Yasser decided to try the tape deck behind the counter, could not find anything to play other than the Buddhist mantra, so we went without music!

Ebrahim had to take an Ibuprofen as he was not feeling too well and had lost his appetite. He just ordered chips and beans to put food in his stomach.

Unfortunately I ended up ordering too much food, a Nepali Thali, chappati and plain fried potatoes. In previous teahouses the portions had been smaller, not at this place! I ended up offering my food around to the table. We were told by our guide we would be staying in this place on the way back for one night before we go back to Namche.

The next part of the walk after lunch was going to be difficult and I had enough reserve with the food I had just eaten. When everyone was getting ready Ebrahim decided to set off walking to create a pace he was comfortable with. I joined him and soon Jamie and James also caught up. Ebrahim had on his black and white chequered militant looking scarf. I grabbed Jamie with Ebrahim in a kidnapping pose for a photo opportunity and a few laughs!

As we were walking I decided to gather pace to a more comfortable level, still keeping within a reasonable distance to see the rest of the group and guides. I was enjoying the walk on my own taking in the views surrounding the barren land.

I waited for the guide to catch up as we were getting closer to our accommodation. It was a nice place with a homely dinning area and stove in the middle. When everyone arrived Ebrahim sorted our room out, making sure we had enough room to pray comfortably.

We did our Zohr prayers, had a rest until 5.30pm and then did our Asar prayers. Only then we went downstairs to warm up by the stove, it was very cold and we were 4100 metres up among the mountains!
It was not long before time for Magrib prayers, we did our prayers and come down ready to see the dinner being served, bring it on…..!

Jamie's patent design!

After dinner with Prakash’s talk over we had some entertainment from Jamie. He had earlier suffered a horrific psychological experience trying to squat using a hole in the ground, he looked distressed! Jamie was convinced he could find a solution to his problem. He came up with an answer which made us all go hysterical with laughter! Jamie decided to utilise a broken plastic chair and create a sit down toilet over the hole in the ground, genius!

cutting out a toilet!

He drew out the area on the seat, Prakash assisted by heating a knife and before long they were cutting out the clearing. As soon as the prototype was finished, Jamie rushed to the loo to test it out and came back with approval. The chair became popular among the group, a result!

After the entertainment, a few people from the group decided to go for a walk, this didn’t last long! They heard dogs barking, getting louder as they walked so they headed back to the teahouse!

It was a clear night with amazing stars shining brightly with mountains surrounding us in the moonlight. I went to sleep tired from the days walk only to have another restless and cold night. I was getting up in the middle of the night to visit the loo, listening to the creaking floors and doors to and from the loo! My nose was blocked and I could feel the struggle to get oxygen to my lungs giving me a headache. I had some odd dreams in the night, the guides had said this was common at high altitude. After Fajr I crawled back into my sleeping bag and by breakfast the headache was gone feeling good!

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