Day 13 – Gorakshep to Kalar Patar

Gorakshep to Kalar Patar

This was a difficult ascent in high altitude; we were frequently stopping to catch our breath. This was the highest we had climbed and it was showing, I was desperately trying to fill my lungs as I climbed.

The gap between us was getting longer as we struggled up; a few of us were contemplating on heading back down, our hearts were working flat out and we were keeling over with the lack of oxygen. The panoramic views kept our spirits up, as we regulated our breathing and stopped to take in the amazing views around us.

Jamie was speeding up the mountain immune to the high altitude, he stepped off the path and made a direct ascent and disappeared onto the ridge out
of site.

Scott was next picking up his speed inspired by Jamie’s pace; his experience was showing getting to the summit before everyone else, looking thrilled, already familiar with the view points of Everest and was taking the breathtaking views before I joined him. The views were amazing and it was a clear blue sky with a panoramic view of all the mountains. It was windy and crowded at the top with everyone trying to take a photo with Everest in the background.

We saw Jamie appear from the ridge, it turned out he had climbed the wrong ridge thinking that was the summit, realising he was on the wrong peak had to descend to get on the path again.

From the top I could see Ebrahim making his way up. It was a difficult ascent with lack of oxygen and altitude not helping. Physiologically this was very challenging to reach the top of Kalar Pattar, but we made it, exhausted and happy that we got there. We took plenty of photographs but we couldn’t stay for long as it was getting cold and we still had to descend to base camp.

Chhewang was an Everest Base Camp marathon runner and with a burst of energy he decided to set the pace coming down Kalar Pattar. He was fast, making it a struggle to keep up with him and I got the impression he wanted to get to base camp to meet up with the others and Prakash. When we got to the section on the path we stopped and then Chhewang directed us down a different route to rejoin the path to base camp.

I was struggling and I’m sure the others were, I was finding the pace too quick and my head was feeling the pressure of high altitude and fast descent. Everyone was keeping up with Chhewang except me. Each time I was taking a step over a boulder I could feel the impact on both my legs and knees.

The terrain was very rocky and a lot of concentration was required for balance when getting your footing. I stayed at the back feeling very tired and now using my reserve energy left for the walk to Base Camp.

We reached the path to Base Camp by approx 12.45pm by which time I had a headache from dropping down from high altitude too quick and my legs felt exhausted.

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