Day 13 – Kalar Patar to Everest Base Camp

Kalar Patar to Everest Base Camp

I took an Ibuprofen; this worked straight away but my legs had very little left to push for Base Camp. It was now a mental challenge with the headache subsiding we moved forward over the ridges ascending and descending several times stopping frequently to catch our breath before moving on.

The path was easy and I could see our guide Chhewang keeping an eye on us as we were lagging behind. We could see Base Camp in the distance; this did not help our morale knowing what we still had to cover.

My plan was to stay with Ebrahim and walk to Base Camp together, the walk was demanding, Chhewang keeping a little ahead giving us some peace of mind. The lack of oxygen was taking its toll on both of us but we were getting closer to Base Camp.

We saw familiar faces of people we had met on the trek returning from Everest Base Camp, giving words of encouragement telling us it was not long know. We could now see how much more we had to walk; working on our last reserves it was slow progress.

I could make out the some of our group in the distance now leaving Base Camp; we met up with them as they crossed the glaciers. The exchange was very emotional; we shook hands, hugging each other, us congratulating them and in return receiving words of encouragement for the last push.

It was very moving to see our group reach Base Camp, each had a personal reason for coming on this journey, all of them had achieved their goal and we were about to do the same. They had all suffered some symptoms of tiredness, altitude sickness and dodgy belly.

Our Kalar Patar group was now making their way to Base Camp; the route was getting trickier to navigate crossing glaciers, watching every step we took on the ice sheets.

When our group reached Base Camp they were waiting with Prakash for me and Ebrahim to make the journey complete. It was a triumphant and jubilant celebration filled with excitement.

We all shook hands and hugged each other, it was very emotional, we had made it achieving both Kalar Patar and Base Camp on the same day, a tough endurance and we were all exhausted….I tried to hold back my tears, it was very moving, we were finally here.

We needed to do our Zohr prayers before we left Base Camp, I explained this to Prakash who agreed to start walking back with the others. We did our wudhu (ablution) and did our prayers at Base Camp what were the chances of that!

It was an emotional prayer, both shedding tears having made it to Base Camp, at our accomplishment which will now be with us for the rest of our lives.

Before we left we took plenty of photographs, I even took a photo from my phone to send to Zohra but I couldn’t get a signal. By the time we finished we had built enough energy for our return walk to Gorakshep.

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