Day 3 – Pashputinath Hindu Temple

Our next stop was to go look at the Pashputinath Hindu Temple, one of the biggest Hindu Temples of Lord Shiva in the world, located on the banks of the Bagmati River and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The walk from the coach to the temple complex was interesting, I saw several stalls with wooden pattern design blocks, colour dyes and other ornaments, Zohra would have been in her element with all these designs. Shame it was not possible!

When we walked along the riverbank, we saw cremation still burning, the smell was very strong and the whole place was busy with locals, tourists, pilgrims, beggars and sellers.

The tour guide explained in detail the Hindu religion, the purpose of the buildings and the temple. The place had a large police presence, people setting up a cameras, the whole place was buzzing with people getting ready for the funeral of the Congressman as the body was being brought to the temple with only 5 hours to go.

We walked up to the view-point to take some more pictures and to get a better view of the activities in preparation for the funeral, the place was getting busy and too many people getting in our way, we were ready to go back to the coach, whilst walking back I got to know Jonas a little more.

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Next stop was lunch and then sightseeing of Paton Durbar Square (Click here)