Day 3 – Patan Durbar Square

The next stop was lunch, outside Patan Durbar Square. It was a cramped rooftop restaurant, although the views were amazing, there was only one waiter to serve our group of 16 and several other guests with not much space to move around.

As soon as we got to the restaurant, we decided to do our prayers at the top where no one was sitting (too hot!) The views from the top was absolutely amazing, I could see views of old buildings scattered around Kathmandu skyline together with the view of the palaces in Patan Durbar Square. WOW!

On another table we had a group retired French tourists using a satellite phone.

When we got back to our table, the food had not arrived, we ended up sitting here for two and ½ hours for our food, we ordered a Dhaal and Do Piaza with a few rotis (£7), turned out they were short-staffed and the one guy was working flat-out, surprised everyone managed to stay calm, trying to be polite I guess, although I did make a comment to the city guide.

I got to know Richard, a retired lawyer who now owned and managed a few holiday cottages with his wife.

After the extended lunch, we walked around Patan Durbar Square, with the city guide explaining about the palaces, the king and the significance of various structures and statues. We walked around with Jamie, James, Kris and German, sharing a few laughs!

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