Day 5 – 23rd March 2010

Up again for 5.00am, after praying Fajr I made up a Hydration mix and started taking this after each visit to the loo, time to pack my bag again!

We were told today to stay at the hotel for news of flights going out to Lukla, until we knew the situation the airport had told us to hang back at the hotel.

We were all very anxious, I went back to my room to have a rest and updated my journal, it was not long after this Ebrahim came up with the news that all flights to Lukla had been cancelled and we had to go downstairs for a briefing!

Prakash gave us a few options which most of didn’t want to hear, one of them was going to do an alternative trek in the Annapurna mountain range if we faced another day of cancellations. We all enquired about other options, like going back to the UK if our trek was cancelled, booking onto another date, delaying flights. Praskash agreed to find out at the office and return with the information by evening.

We were fired up, not happy with the situation at the thought of not doing the trek was in most people’s thoughts and conversation, it was hard to concentrate on how to spend the rest of the day in Kathmandu!

For the afternoon Praskash suggested we find a distraction and arranged a bus to take us to Bhaktapur, a historical village listed as a World Heritage for its rich culture, temples and artwork.

Bhaktapur sightseeing……Click Here

After we got back to the hotel we all got together in the hotel reception for a briefing from Prakash, waiting for answers to all our questions.. we were all concerned with what would happen tomorrow if no flights were going to Lukla.

Prakash read out the information from the office in response to our questions, it was a lively discussion, we listened to the answers and were still not impressed with the options. Although the company had agreed to delay our return flights to make the Everest Base Camp trek, any costs would fall on us including any extra nights accommodation!

We also discussed what would happen if it went to a fourth day of flight cancellations, with a backlog making our chances slim. The group was divided, although most of the group wanted a solution around the Everest Base Camp trek, with the financial, physical and mental preparation they were being realistic trying not to think ahead as everything was uncertain until tomorrow.

The whole discussion was professional and people in the group remained positive, most of us decided to go the Radisson for a buffet and agreed to meet up at 8.00pm.

We went to use the STD to update people back home, what a bargain, found a place where they charged rs4 per minute when most places were charging rs10 plus per minute.

We got together in reception for 8.00pm and headed for the Radisson next to our hotel The buffet was rs1000 per head another bargain with the variety on offer! I tried all the vegetarian dishes and most of the desserts! This was Yasser’s idea and Jonas even managed to use his influence with his corporate card to get a 10% discount on the bill, what a result!

Back to the hotel and to bed, hopefully we will be heading for Lukla tomorrow, packing again for the last time!

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