Day 5 – Bhaktapur

When we got to Bhaktapur, the entrance fee to the village was rs.750, it was very lively place, street sellers approaching us when queuing for tickets. Jamie decided to buy a multi coloured hat from one of the vendors attracting a lot of attention from others trying to sell everything to Jamie, he was encouraging them!

I took lots of pictures of this amazing place. I couldn’t believe how alive this place was, full of vibrant colours, a very popular tourist village. I was glad to have come to this place! We went through one of the main squares of the ancient village; the architecture was fascinating and very detailed.

We went to a café overlooking the village, I had a Thali, and I think they don’t agree with me! We asked the café owner for a place to do our prayers, he found a place out-of-the-way. A few of the customers (tourists) watched us pray and James was looking at them watching us and was interested in what we were doing! Ebrahim agreed to take him next time we went to the Masjid, it was nice of him to show an interest!

After the meal we went back down to the square, we had lost Jamie and Kris, we met them at the square and had a walk around the village. We took photographs at every opportunity, sharing a few laughs as we were walking around! We saw some elders sitting with their shoes off and enjoying a conversation.

We walked back to the first square and sat around for a while then slowing making our way back to the coach. On the way back Jamie was again approached by a street vendor trying to sell him an identical hat he had on his head! She didn’t get it, even after Jamie gave her the same hat for free; she wanted him to buy another one!

We bought some drinks and headed for the coach only to be approached by the women selling hats, this time she was running up trying to sell Jamie souvenir jewellery! As you can imagine Jamie was in complete shock, asking her why she came back when he had already given her a hat for free and no he didn’t need any jewellery!

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