Day 6 – 24th March 2010

We got up as usual to pray our Fajr and went back to sleep. Our flights were not until 9.30am so we went down for breakfast at 7.00am.

Whilst we were having our breakfast, Prakash came in with a member of staff from the office. Still no flights to Lukla, another option was flying to Lukla by helicopter for $100, what were the chances of that?

Everyone’s spirits were lifted and most of us hadn’t experienced a helicopter! We all got ready, excited and more optimistic with the possibility that we were going to Lukla one way or another and onto our trek! The coach was loaded with our bags once again and we were off to the domestic airport!

Back into the departure area!

By the time we were ready to leave the hotel I was feeling off colour. In the excitement I had overlooked this and when we finished the coach ride to the airport I was ready for the loo!! I didn’t have much of a conversation with anyone. I sat down with Kris but hardly said a word, feeling very queasy, not good.

As a distraction I sat and watched a group of Japanese/Korean tourists with their latest designer outdoor gear and gadgets on their way to Pokhara, another popular tourist destination in Nepal. They were a mixed group of 20 – 60 year olds; the older guys were having a good laugh trying to be silly with a young female tourist wanting to sit next to them.

This picture says everything!

Well, what can I say except we were going on a helicopter and we had the boarding passes. We did have to wait a while, it was worth it! The helicopters were coming back from one excursion to Lukla. Each one could hold 5 passengers plus our luggage and we had 16 in the group! This was going to be tricky as we had to decide who was going to be first to Lukla. The journey took approx 1 hour each way.

Who's first on the helicopter!

The list, guess who was first!

Prakash made the decision he would read from the list and guess whose name was first! What were the chances of that, excellent! With the excitement I soon forgot I was feeling off colour.

Eesaa and Sahal, now our turn!

It was fantastic, our luggage was loaded on and I was on the first helicopter with Ebrahim, Richard, Jess and Kris. The take off was absolutely amazing, the blades getting faster before take off then we wer off the ground!

That one is ours!

We could see the ground below as we got higher and higher, we just kept looking at each other in amazement, it was our first time and we were all squeezed in the back together trying to record our experience and snapping away with the camera!

The views were fantastic, we could see everything below, buildings, vast area of land, cement chimneys with brick factories, hills, rivers, roads and network of paths. We could feel the wind against the helicopter, an experience I will never forget!

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