Day 6 – Lukla to Phakding

Loo break!!

As we made our way down to Phakding, I was with Jonas taking lots of photographs, the landscape was breathtaking and I wanted to capture all of it, we had plenty of loo breaks to catch up with the group.

We are sleeping around the back!

We are sleeping around the back!

When we finally got to the teahouse, although the walk was not strenuous, I had a few symptoms to deal with and badly needed the loo; my stomach was cramping and I had a slight headache. I dumped my bag and rushed to find the toilets but had to come back when I realised I needed my head torch.

After Magrib prayers I made a hydration mix avoiding the food at the teahouse and stuck to my dried fruit also popping an Ibuprofen! It wasn’t long before I was back to my usual self!

Had to be careful not to eat too much as visits to the loo were not pleasant with basic amenities! I prepared my day rucksack and packed my main bag for tomorrow.

High street!

Later in the evening I went for a walk looking for a place to use the internet.

Somone's house!

Most places did stay open late, as I was walking through the street I noticed Jamie, James, Kris and Jonas playing pool so I went in and joined them. They were laughing as the table was in someone’s house, a little girl was writing on her face taking balls out of the pockets and a dog running around under the table. The room had a stack of 20 receivers for 20 channels all connected to a TV.

I joined them for a game and then headed back to the teahouse to get some sleep.

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