Day 7 – 25th March 2010

Phakding to Namche

When I woke up for Fajr I had to creep downstairs but the floorboards and hallway walls were thin and creaking, this was typical for a teahouse! The sink on our floor didn’t have any water so I decided to head for the hole in the ground downstairs using my head torch. Lucky it had a bucket with some water; it was still not a pleasant experience!

After unlocking the door I went outside to do ablution, prayed my fajr and tried going back to sleep. This proved difficult as it was getting daylight and you could hear the place getting lively with crows on the corrugated roof making a racket.

I decided to go downstairs for breakfast, I made myself a coffee and went outside to take in the scenery, it was truly breathtaking.

After breakfast we got ready for our walk to Namche. The route was interesting as we were crossing the river in several places using metal bridges ascending and descending several times. We had to keep making way for pack animals, people descending, porters taking goods up to the villages and teahouses up in the mountains.

I was in shock, I saw porters carrying plywood, marble slabs and goods taller than them. I was amazed at what they could carry! I saw hundreds of porters carrying goods and bags for the tourist trade and plenty of San Miguel!

We had a break a few times for the rest of the group to catch up. The views were magnificent and looked different each take we took a break! We had stopped outside a New Sherpa restaurant with dramatic views, beneath us was a river and to the right, a path with Sherpa school kids and locals going past.

Outside another lodge, it was very peaceful with a lovely breeze, I was surrounded by mountains all around me. The route was amazing with tourists descending from their adventure.

When we stopped for lunch I ordered my food and decided to sit outside until the food arrived. I didn’t want to be inside when we had amazing views to take in! Another group was outside finishing off their meals, the same group from our last teahouse.

I updated my journal, it was surreal, feeling the breeze, listening to the rage of the river, watching the rustling of the trees, listening to people talking in German. From where I was sitting I could see the metal bridge over the torrent river covered in prayer flags with pack animals and people passing, I was surrounded by green hills, rock faces and boulders strewn around the river.

I sat there drinking masala tea, no vehicles, no pollution, just pack animals and porters carrying goods!

After lunch we proceeded for the difficult ascent to Namche, when we stopped for the group to catch up, we were introduced to Sherpa Kaji who was going up to Everest summit for the fourth time, several of us took photographs with him!

As we got closer I could see Namche, it was not long before we reached our destination (approx 4pm).The teahouse was located in a narrow street full of souvenir shops and stalls where we were greeted by the sellers, it had been quiet with flights from Lukla being cancelled and they were happy to see us!

The rooms in the teahouse were reasonably clean, our porters had bought our main bags up to take to our rooms and queues had already formed for the shower!

We all had to order our food as soon as we got there as it needed preparing for 7pm, we were sharing the teahouse with other groups and the food had to be cooked for everyone!

I noticed a guy repairing shoes from my window, my sandals needed stitching so I decided to go see him, a couple of guys were sat next to him deciding what price to charge everyone, I didn’t mind, it was only rs50.

I had ordered vegetable fried rice and I was starving! After the meal it was customary for our guide Prakash to talk about plans for the next day!

The walk tomorrow was only for half a day with hopefully some views of Everest if we had clear sky. We would be back down to have a free afternoon in Namche. He also asked everyone to order breakfast for it to be ready in the morning.

After the meal I went outside for some fresh air and started talking to the shop owner next door. He was a friendly guy born not far from Namche and he owned a few shops with his brothers!

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