Day 8 – 26th March 2010

Namche Acclimatisation Day

After Fajr I went back to bed for awhile then prepared my day pack. I had the usual for breakfast, something to hold my stomach together, We set off for our acclimatisation day, it was straight into it, a steep climb up the steps of Namche passing shops and internet cafes. It was a serious ascent and soon we could see Namche in the distance.

We were presented with magnificent views, stopping regularly to take it all in and snapping away with our cameras. It was not long before we came to a military post and a museum for a view of Everest but the clouds did not lift and instead we enjoyed the majestic views of Amadablam and other peaks!

We went into the museum, read and saw colourful pictures on the remarkable lives of the Sherpa communities.

We then headed for another higher viewpoint for our acclimatisation, this was a long haul, a rapid ascent well worth the effort to take the views of the Namche in the distance and the mountain backdrop!

You had to be there to truly appreciate the panoramic views of the majestic mountains leading up to the view point. I took lots of photos and did some video recordings on my camera. When we got near to the view point, I sat and waited for Ebrahim, taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere and chill!

When we got the viewpoint, WOW!. The views were incredible, mountains everywhere with Amadablam dominating the skyline and Mt Everest hiding, still teasing us, inviting us closer!

At the view point, had masala tea and broke in to my packet of Hobnobs, passing them around! The atmosphere was surreal, sitting having tea and enjoying the views. I kept taking pictures not sure how they would turn out.

Whilst waiting for the rest of the group, I spotted Jamie on another hilltop near the viewpoint, I decided to follow him up, it was well worth the effort, the views were even more dramatic!

Walking back down was very dusty, I had to cover my mouth and nose, the descent was very rapid, before long, we were on the steps of Namche, leaving us free for the afternoon!

I went with Ebrahim to use the internet, tried to ring Zohra, she had already left for school, got the answer machine, sent an email and updated Facebook.

We went back to the teahouse when I noticed Richard had bought some postcards and was on his way to post them. I decided to do the same, I wandered into the local vegetable market first, then bought some postcards, completed them and walked up to the post box to post them, the Post Office claiming to be the highest in the world! The walk was tiring and heart pounding, I could feel the low oxygen when trying to get to the post box.

I went back to the teahouse, did my prayers and met everyone for dinner. We all listened to Prakash for tomorrow’s plan as we had a long day ahead of us we did not stay up too late after dinner and got ready for bed!

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