Day 9 – 27th March 2010

Namche to Thyanbboche

We set off for Tengboche, after Fajr and breakfast. It was the same steps we took for the acclimatisation day, past the shops and post office. We passed several teahouses and villages, porters and pack animals. The views opened up and soon Namche was behind us.

It was a clear day and the walk was very exhilarating, we were soon at a view point of Mt Everest, and there it was, in its glory! We were all excited and happy to see our first view of Mt Everest in the distance behind Tengboche.

After passing the view point, the ascent became steeper, passing several porters resting with their load, pack animals passing us from both directions. We stopped off for lunch by the raging river. I decided not to have lunch at the teahouse and stick to my energy bars and dried food. I wanted to stay outside and enjoy sitting by the river, I found a boulder next the river and sat down, feeling the breeze and watching porters, tourists and pack animals cross the bridge.

Ebrahim had his lunch in the teahouse and came over to the river to do his ablution, I joined him and then we did our Zohr and got ready for the steep ascent to Tengboche. When I got to the entrance of Tengboche, I sat and waited for Ebrahim. The monastery was the first building that caught my attention with the dominating mountains in the background.

I could see monks playing football in the distance, a bakery and yaks grazing, tourists, monks walking around and porters taking bags to various teahouses. The place was buzzing with activity. I could also see people we had met at our teahouses and along our path.

We went into our teahouse I ordered a pot of Masala, sat outside taking in the views of Tengboche and the mountains. Most of our group did the same, sitting and taking it all in.

When we finished our tea, we went to the monastery, we sat until the monks finished praying and then made took photographs and walked around taking in every detail of the monastery.

Click here to view the monastery photos…..

After we finished at the monastery, we decided to go down to where the monks were playing football, our assistant guide was playing. We decided it would be fun to join in and see what it would be like playing football 4100m with limited oxygen to our lungs!

It was hard but we managed to play, they found it amusing, it was not long before most of the guys from our group were on the field playing, we ended up playing as a team (tourists) against the locals, including monks and porters.

After the game, we checked into our rooms, ordered dinner and got ready for the evening. We had dinner and listened to Prakash with the plans for the next day and then got ready for bed. It was very cold outside and it has started to rain then snow. By the time I brushed my teeth, my fingers were frozen, I went into the main dining room to warm them up. Had a conversation with Richard and then went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I could not sleep, tossing and turning, we were next to the hole in the floor and I would here the people making visits to the loo, I had to go my self, eventually I nodded off for a few hours.

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