Feedback from Guys Outdoor Weekends

Fantastic feedback is what makes it worth repeating the weekends.

People have positive things to say during the weekend and when we are saying our goodbyes when its over. This is always special as the weekend brings us closer from sharing lots of laughs and intense to funny conversations.

I get text messages, phone calls and emails. I have listed some of the comments below:

“Thank-you for a great week-end. There were so many positives from the camp and enjoyable highlights that it is difficult to mention them all so I’ve only noted below the key points that I thought made the week-end so enjoyable:

• Brilliant venue with excellent facilities
• Your hospitality, caring and welcoming approach
• The kidmat provided ….. as a whole was really good
• The positive attitude of the younger people was heart warming to see
• The opportunities offered to our community to engage in outdoor activities
• Opportunities to make new friends and be reunited with old ones can’t be measured.
• The standard and volume of food was more than i could have expected

Genuinely great week-end with like minded people offering good chat and a laugh.”

“Very enjoyable indeed, Good food, fun and conversation, great organising as ever.”

“Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your efforts in organising the weekend once again.
Very much enjoyed it and look forward to catching up again sometime soon.”

“I would just like to say jazakallah for the weekend had a very good time and the BBQ was brilliant to.”

“Just to say really enjoyed the weekend, it was good fun and good to meet the guys. Thanks for the invite.
Also thanks for organising the weekend, have to say very impressed with the way it was organised overall.
Let me know of any future events.”

“Just to say thanks for organising the weekend and inshallah I will see you and all the boys again,
If you do ever come to Leicester you can always come round to my house for some tea”


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