Weekend Useful Info


If weather does not look too promising, please be prepared and make sure you bring your waterproofs.

The accommodation will provide bed linen, please bring your own towels, you will need one for ablution (wudhu) as well and slippers are always handy to go to the toilet. Don’t forget your prayer mat!

For those who wish to go for walks, please make sure you have the necessary clothing which includes water/windproof jackets, trousers, sturdy walking shoes/boot, hats and gloves.

If you are planning a walk up Mount Snowdon using the designated paths then I would suggest you check out the Outdoor Gear link for the gear you need.

Make sure you all keep together and you know where you are going. Always keep an eye on the person behind you paying particular attention to the person at the end.

You all have a responsibility for each other when you are up on the mountains. If you have doubts on the direction you are going, its always useful to also ask other walkers, do not assume you know where you are going and its not a race to the top!

Also have a plan among your walking companions, what you are going to do when someone gets injured or sprains an ankle. Keep an eye on the weather, it changes very quickly, make a good judgment call on whether you should continue.

I would recommend wearing thin breathable layers this will make it easier to regulate your body temperature by adding or taking off layers. Avoid thick jumpers/jackets.